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poke page
Friday, 27 June 2008
chapter 11-electabuzz

deciding to follow the mangnamites Adrian saw Lt. Surge directing a whole army of magnamites! "so thats who shot everone ok fine two can play this game Abra teleport than use mega punch on Mr. Surge" WHAM! Abra hit Lt. Surge with all of its might sending, a magnamite flying through the air! And with it an image of Lt. Surge! "Abra come back now! " Adrian yelled and nota moment to soon becuase at that moment all of the magnamites releasted hundreds of thundershocks through the air.

Posted by kyky45 at 12:55 PM EDT
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Thursday, 12 June 2008
Chapter 10-Surge

Wow that was a long walk Adrian thought to himself as he entered Viridean city. I wonder what they have to eat here Adrian continued Man I hope its good and cheap. On his way to a restruant he stumbled on a crack and nearly fell except for the fact that a large man was holding him steady. "Thanks sir" Adrian said politley but as he said thanks the man seemed to disapear. "Huh, I wonder were he went" Adrain said "Oh well, I need to get me some food anyways." "Wow! this food sure is good, cheap to!" Adrian said as he thanked the cook "Oh yah mister cook sir is there a pokemon gym here?" Adrian questioned. "You don't have to talk so loud kid gese" the cook whispered "that man that just saved you from a fall is our gym leader, but everyone stays away from him cuase he's a forner from another region. They say that from were he came from the pokemon are atleast 50x stronger than they are here" "Cool" Adrian said cooly. but anyways thanks for the food an-" BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT the cook fell twitching from an electric shock BZZZZZZZZZT BZZZZZZZZZZZZT BZZZZZZZZZZT more and more of the customeres fell sprawling on the ground from the electric attacks. Adrianhid behind a rock just outside of Vermilean city gates and he saw a coupleof magnamites and a magnaton that were zapping the people of the city. Emiditly Adrain sent out his Charmeleon (wich also evolved on the way from Cerulean city) "Charmeleon ember!" ordered Adrian but just at moment something happend to the manganamites and the magnaton.

Posted by kyky45 at 1:28 PM EDT
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Chapter 8-Misty

Becuase Adrian had already tried to beat Misty He was only aloud to face here one more time so for him the stakes were high. "Hey Misty, now that I have a pikachu I can surly beat you this time so wana go?" Adrian asked. "Yeah right, you'll never beat me even if you do have an electric type couse I USE AN ALL OUT OFFENSIVE WATER TYPE TEAM, and I'll hit you so hard that you'll be dead before you can pull of one attack!" Misty said. "pika thundershock now!" Commanded Adrian the thunder hit Misty's starmie with a current running through completely fainting misty's starmie! "Hey Misty what was that about fainting me before i even had a chance to attack? Huh?" Adrian taunted. "Staryu bubble!" "Pika evade!" called out the trainers. Sure pikachu is fast but he couldn't evade all of the bubbles the Staryu sent out. Pika fainted in 1 hit! "Abra go" called out Adrian "Abra use Mega Punch" Abra teleported right next to Staryu and punched with all of its little might and: Fainted Staryu! "Okay you win" Misty admitted after a minute of sulking. "Here take the cascade badge and a tm for bubble beam. Oh and take this Starmie. And take good care of it okay" Misty said. "Okay I'll take good care of it for you" said  Adrian happily.


(by the way did you notice that the pokemon that the trainers give Adrian he has to wait one badge battle before he can use it?) 

Posted by kyky45 at 10:15 AM EDT
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Chapter 7-Nidorino

"Hey Nidoran(m) whats wrong?" Adrian asked. Nidoran(m) was glowing and his shape started to dissolve and then POOF! He had evolved into a Nidorino! 'Cool! I have to tell dad about this' Thought Adrian. On the phone with Mikel Adrian described his first battle agiasnt Brock and how his nidoran(m) evolved into a Nidorino. Mikel said "Good job boy, Im proud of you now don't make a fool of yourself just becuase your Nidoran(m) evolved." "HaHaHa Don't worry dad I won't make that much of a fool out of my name "The General" Adrian laufed.

"Phew I fianily made it to Cerulean city my home." Said Adrian. "Hey Ms. Green do you now if my dad left for work yet?" "Yes I do believe that you just missed him by a hair" Ms. Green said "Darn!" Adrian exclaimed "Well nice talking to you Ms. Green." And now to the Cerulean gym!

Posted by kyky45 at 8:34 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 June 2008 8:49 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 11 June 2008
Chapter 6-Bide

"Bide!" called out Brock. "HaHaHa you fell for it Brock!" called out Adrian "Nidoran(m) come back, Go Charmander!" Charmander leer!" Ordered Adrian. "Darn, Onix brake out of bide!" yelled Brock  "No good for atleast three turns! Charmander Leer twice more!" called out Adrian. Onix unleash energy now!" called Brock. "Charmander Ember!"Oniiix! yeld both trainers. Winner=Adrian announced the ref.

 "You did a good Job Adrian here I would like you to take this boulder badge and a tm having bide" said Brock. "Oh and take this to" he said as he handed Adrian geodude. "I'm sure you'll take good care of him for me!"

Posted by kyky45 at 3:52 PM EDT
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Chapter 5-Checkmate
"Onix wrap!" "Abra run" both trainers called out =. Abra with its speed just slightly above Onix' got away from the attack "Go Abra" called out Adrian. Abra used struggle, but to no effect but 1 hp of damage to both pokemon. "Abra hang on I'll get you out of this mess" Adrian said. But what pokemon am I to use my Charmander, Nidoran(m),Nidoran(f),Abra,Ekans? thought Adrian. After a second or two he sent out "Nidoran(m)  Poison sting!" "What was the effect of the attack supposed to be?" asked Brock "you just wait mister" said Adrian cooly. Onix(psn!) wrap!" ordered out Brock "Nidoran(m) run!" said Adrian. "Darn I missed again" said brock "just how many carbos did you use on your pokemon?" "Around 3 months worth of allowence" stated Adrian. Nidoran(m) poison sting again!" commanded Adrian "Hah hit again" Adrain smugly said. "Thats it you little punk" Brock said angirly "Onix use-"

Posted by kyky45 at 3:22 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 June 2008 3:35 PM EDT
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Chapter 4-Brock
"Alright I axcept your challenge" said Brock "I choose Geodude, Go Geodude" "Alright I choose Abra" Adrian said. "Geodude tackle!" commanded Brock "Abra teleport away!" and an instant later Geodude CRACK! slammed into the wall cousing damage to himself and non to Abra!. "Alright Abra good job al we havt to do is keep on doing that and we can when!" Acually all im trying to do is force Abra to use struggle thought Adrian. "Geodude defence curl!" "Abra teleport" called out the trainers. Abra struggle!" yeld Adrian. Abra with all of its might attacked the Geodude and fainted it in one hit! "Alright Abraaa!" yeld Adrian. "Good job but youll lose now, Go Onix!"

Posted by kyky45 at 9:35 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 10 June 2008
Chapter 3- Nidoran(m&f)

Adrian got back with his new Abra in 2 seconds "wow this sure beats walking" thought Adrian as he matereiolized in front of his house. "Daaaad!" cried Adrian running to his dad just as the ambulence from the poke center showed up. Instantly a ton of questions were asked by doctors about who did this and all Adrian could say was "I don't know, I don't know." About three days later Mikel woke up from what could have been called coma but the fact that he woke up disspells that. Instantly he started to mumble pokeball, hyper beam, and dragonaire. When asked who did this to him all he would say was hyper beam and dragonaire over and over again.

3 months later Mikel gave Adrian a pokeball he said that it contained a Nidoran(m) and that he should raise it with care.  Soon he would began his journey at pewter city.

Arriving at Pewter city Mikel gave Adrian 1,000¥ (I guess its kinda like yen so just pretend that its whatever pokemon money is called) Soon he found the pewter pokemon gym.

Posted by kyky45 at 3:21 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 June 2008 1:27 PM EDT
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Chapter 2-Missing!

Cautiously Adrian aproched the stray pokeball, it seemed a little heaver than usaul and so Adrian realeastd the pokemon inside. "...And behold the might of Lance you fool of an old gezzer" said Lance to Mikel (Adrians dad!) "Your puny team of the Nidoroyals got you no where nere me HAHAHAHA" Laufhed Lance "Oh and Dragonaire finish of that old man with Hyper beam please." Emiditly the dragonaire opened its mouse and a ball of enregy formed in it and then a beam erupted hitting Mikel with enough force to blow him through the front door ( if there was a front door after Lance broke in).


"Wow an Abra!" cried Adrian but then an istant later "BOOOOOOM" "Oh No that sounded like it came from my hous" Adrian yeld. Quikcly He had his new found Abra teleport him right away to his house. just before he teleported he thought he say a pokemon flying away.

Posted by kyky45 at 3:10 PM EDT
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Chapter 1- Catch!

This is my very own pokemon story about a man (er. kid I mean) named Adrian. oh and a disclaimer I don't own any thing in this story but Adrian his house his dad and his tactics. This takes place around 10 years before the games and anime (which sucks!)



 Adrian was doing what he usally did after school: looking for an abra. Yeah so what if just about everyone saw and abra north of Cerulean city, He was going to be one of the first to catch one! After another 15 minutes of looking Adrian was about to give up, when suddenly he saw an ekans out of the corner of his eye. "I don't have an ekans yet so might as go for it." Adrian said aloud to comfort himself (as he was very very shy and hardly talked to anyone so his only real friends were his voice and his pokemon) swifly yet silently he drew two poke balls and said "might as well use the new techniuqe that Dad tought me"the double throw!" with two pokeballs in each hand he swiftly hurled all four are the ekans with an instant catch but one seemed to stray away from its intended target. That was kind of weird since he had altered his balls to close in on the nearest pokemon to them. 

Posted by kyky45 at 2:56 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 June 2008 10:32 AM EDT
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